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Executive Search Firm in Mumbai

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialized positions in organizations.

We handle this with high level of professionalism. We have expertise in evaluating skill, experience & ability - the client is looking for.

Executive Search Firm in Mumbai When it comes to an executive search, you need an industry expert for a critical, middle or senior level positions. Finding the right person can be an absolute key to organizational success. The selection process has to be very rigorous. It often includes a variety of techniques.

New Horizon is the renowned executive search firm in Mumbai for head hunting and offers graphology as a value added service. Graphology is a science of understanding handwriting and signature, which reveals a person's behaviour and traits. As any organisation just do not hire a individual but also its ability - this type of handwriting analysis helps finding the most suited candidate for the position.

Executive Search is a very challenging task for employers as they have limited resources and time to find such talent and the candidates available in the market are also very scarce, especially at the business hubs like Mumbai. We as your HR partner play a very important role here and make the task easy by providing best available talent and have win-win situation for both i.e. employer & the candidate.

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