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International Recruitment Agencies in India

Global HR Solutions: International Recruitment Agencies in India

With all the industries evolving and witnessing growth in every aspect, the recruitment industry is no exception. Levelling up the recruitment process, the importance of human force in businesses has exposed the need for international recruitment. Assisting with global human resource consultancy and solutions, it is a hefty and time-consuming process. Exposing the necessity of professional help, experienced agencies assist with the complete process with expertise and experience, streamlining it in an absolutely hassle-free manner.

As a prominent human resource solutions agency, New Horizon provides International recruitment services that bridge the gap between multinational companies beyond national borders that performs globally and the most deserving candidates from the pool of a vast number of applicants. New Horizon also serves services by recruiting for middle and C Level Executive Search means senior levels across several domains and industries. A widely preferred recruitment partner for leading multinational companies operating globally or set in a foreign country, we, at New Horizon, ace at sourcing and selecting top candidates for our clients worldwide and providing robust human resource solutions.

As one of the most promising overseas recruitment agencies in India, we offer PAN India services and work as Hr consultants serving with end to end HR requirements and solutions globally. Leveraging our years of extensive experience and experience in the field, we assist with optimum solutions guiding the companies and individuals to find their right match.

Overseas Recruitment Solutions

Ever since the inception and evolution of overseas recruitment services, New Horizon has emerged as one of the leading overseas recruitment agencies in India. It has provided professional recruitment solutions beyond borders with systematic planning and effective strategies. Identifying the suitable candidates and working as a catalyst between the company and the candidate, our solutions include sourcing and deploying the most qualified human resources for all our clients chosen with precision and proficiency.

Implementing our deep years of learning, knowledge and understanding of the field, we work adhering to the recruitment principles and serve tailor-made overseas recruitment solutions. Our human resource solutions pay profound attention to finding the right person for the right job where the aspirations and ethics of the company perfectly match with those of the candidates. Streamlining the process in a very structured and systematic manner, our team of experienced professionals understands the dynamic of business and onboard talented professionals fitting varied specifications and requirements across industries worldwide. Aiming to make the process smooth for both parties, we train, counsel and closely follow up the process during the transition process.

As a comprehensive global recruitment solution, our array of Human resource services includes screening, talent acquisition, strategising, organising and structuring, searching from the pool of talented candidates, finding the right match suitable for the job, interview and shortlisting, along with working on the employee compensation and benefits plan, policy manual adhering to the objectives and performance management system.

International Recruitment Services - Advantages

Precisely dealing with finding the right talent for an overseas requirement, Overseas recruitment agencies in India are hefty and ask for planning and strategies before execution. While employing international recruitment benefits the company, it also has various advantages for the employee itself. While for business, International hires are more of an asset that gives insight into the diversified culture and different markets and the talent, skills and qualifications they hold. On the other hand, it benefits the employee by exposing them to the international market and helping them climb the corporate ladder and chase the zenith of success. Along with global expansion opportunities, recruitment beyond borders broadens the horizons and opens doors for new talents, improves market understanding, and helps find a robust solution.

International recruitment also increases workplace diversity making the environment more inclusive and accepting. Understanding the business environment and market needs, such types of companies with highly diversified work cultures lure excellent candidates with out of the box abilities and outstanding qualifications. A way to onboard such deserving candidates from the pool of top and highly qualified individuals; human resource consultants and international recruitment services help find the right match from respective domains and industries.

Advantages of Overseas Recruitment Agencies in India

  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Streamlined recruitment
  • Fastens the process
  • Improved workplace diversity
  • Access to a large pool of talented and excellent candidates
  • Builds an international rapport for the business
  • Offers insights into domestic and international business
  • Improves company value
  • Gives a competitive advantage
  • Exposes to the global market
Advantages of Overseas Recruitment Agencies in India

Why Would You Choose Us as an International Recruitment Agency in India?

Striving to serve with the best human resource solutions, we at New Horizon leverage our 20 years of extensive experience in the field and take pride in standing among the top international recruitment agencies in India. Climbing up on the podium, on our way towards success, we put consistent efforts into helping companies shape in their best form with the most deserving human force. Our comprehensive human resource services include end to end solutions helping the businesses find the right balance and excellent candidates and pave their way towards success. Aiming towards perfection, we work adhering to the human resources rules and regulations, follow the objectives set by our clients and strive to surpass the benchmark by benefitting the business with every move.

An intelligent way to leverage the competitive edge and incorporate business with the best team at all levels, whether domestic or overseas; partnering with New Horizon for International recruitment services assists with a robust strategy that benefits the business in all aspects. With New Horizon,

Our work tactics include,

  • Strategic Human resource planning for smooth operation
  • Human resource consultancy, suggestions, reviews and expert opinion
  • Implementing Cost-effective strategy
  • Access to global candidates and scope for expansion
  • PAN India services- International recruitment

Vission of hr companies in india
Mission of hr companies in india

Our Vision

We aim to be in one of the top Five HR Companies in India to provide HR Consultation for HR Systems, Processes and People.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by adding value to our clients’ business by providing customized and innovative HR solutions.

Awards & Recognition

BS 2020's Most Innovative Entrepreneur

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Certified Psychometric Test Professional 2020

FAQ's About International Recruitment Agencies in India

International recruitment agencies in India provide ample benefits to both, companies & candidates.

  • For companies - The advantages include an increased talent pool, with highly efficient & qualified candidates from across the world, an increase in diversity & cultural literacy, the use of standardized technology & a consistent onboarding process.
  • For candidates - International recruitment services include benefits like Big opportunities, High pay scale, ample growth opportunities, advanced perks & added benefits.

International recruitment agencies in India offer services like: -

  • Quality hire
  • Training regarding recruitment
  • Brand employment
  • Consistent onboarding
  • Technical recruitment

The process of getting overseas jobs from overseas recruitment agencies in India:

  • Step 1: Find job opportunities & positions for overseas.
  • Step 2: Apply with a formal application & other important documents to your destination country
  • Step 3: Clear the interview rounds & recruitment process
  • Step 4: Go through the Visa process & turn your dream into reality

International recruitment agencies in India can help you find job opportunities abroad and facilitate recruitment. They act as an intermediate link between job seekers and employers and play a significant role in identifying suitable candidates and matching them with job openings overseas. They also assist with the visa application process and help with the necessary paperwork. When it comes to guaranteeing a job, the final decision always lies in the hands of the employer. Hence, it is always better to do complete research before approaching a recruitment agency and check their reputation and track record of successfully placing candidates in international companies.

Many international job opportunities are not advertised publicly, so it is better to network or approach agencies that provide international recruitment services. You must create a strong resume and cover letter designed for the specific job and industry; it can increase your chance of being recruited for an international job. Also, remember that your online presence should be professional and up to date. You can also attend industry events or join professional groups to make new connections and stay updated on the latest job openings. Most importantly, having the required qualifications and skills for the job is essential, as international employers often have high standards and expect candidates to have relevant experience and education. Keeping yourself upskilled with advanced techniques and courses in the industry makes you a more attractive candidate.