HR Role & Importance In a Company.

What is HR: Just Recruitment or More? HR in today’s time is much more than just Recruitment.
To use a human source in force is a Human Resource.HR is a must-function in every company. I would say it’s the Heart of every organization. Let us understand why.

1. Before Employee Joins:

One should know how the different functions and dept should be placed in an organization to have proper growth, Reporting hierarchy, levels, grades and titles, in-house or outsourced certain processes, and finally to overcome business challenges. This is called Organisation structure and manpower planning.

Once the structure is ready there is a need to hire people in vacant positions. Recruitment is not as easy like before when you used to get employable people just by word of mouth. Now you have to work on multiple sources to find, place and retain an employee. It can be advt in the newspaper, word of mouth, current staff, job portals, social media or Placement agencies. Screen cv, and coordinate for an interview which is again a challenge as only 30% of candidates turn up for an interview out of 100% confirmation, finding out the appropriate candidate who matches the required skill set, negotiating, documents verification and finally to make candidate join is an absolutely full-time job if recruitment is happening on regular basis.

2. On Candidate Joining :

The joining formality in terms of supporting documents, getting required forms filled, explaining all do’s and don’t’s, introducing to HOD and colleague, doing proper induction, arranging for infrastructure, seating arrangement, computers, stationary before a person joins, answering all newcomers query and doubts and pacifying till at least one week is a very important task to make the newcomer feel wanted.
Once a newcomer gets settled take care of preparing proper appointment letters, doing enrollment of statutory formalities, attendance, leave Management, Performance Evaluation, Policy implementation, code of conduct, payroll administration, yearly appraisal, increment, promotion, transfer, and Training, All this is continuous and full-time tasks.

3. On Staff Resigning :

Joining and leaving of employees is routine and part and parcel of Business. On submitting the resignation by staff. talking to a respective employee, finding out the reason for quitting, counselling, convincing, resolving a problem, and trying to retain employees is the very crucial roles. If the decision of staff is firm then taking care of new recruitment in a given time is again stressful and old employee gives at times no notice period or 15 days or a maximum of one month but new employee finalizing and making join is never less than two months job. Ensuring proper handing over is done by an old employee, computing legal dues, completing statutory forms, preparing all relieving and service tenure letters, and getting clearance from all dept to relieve employees in a complete form need to be done without any gap. Once the settlement is done informing the bank about salary account closure, the insurance company about deleting the name from the insurance list, informing vendors, and customers about the person no more in employment, and informing own company office or factory or branches is also something that cannot be ignored.

This is all the task to be done along with other routine work of the HR dept.

I am sure the above three stages of the employee life cycle have given enough clarity as to why HR function in a company is not only important but very crucial.

HR services can be implemented by hiring an HR consulting firm in India. Small and medium size company looks for a cost-effective solution. They may not afford to hire 6 to 7 lacs per annum package HR Manager if an employee is less than 100. They may not have full-time work for in-house Managers. If the HR manager does not have full-time work, will not get job satisfaction and start to look out for better career growth.

At such a stage outsourcing HR companies in India comes as a blessing. They have a lot of experience, expertise, and exposure to different businesses. They can also be there with the company for a designing system and process, handhold Business owners for implementation and then monitor the same.