The Latest Trend in HR Services

“Automation of HR Services must take place to reduce effort spent in redundant processes. The time made available through automation can be used to truly partner with business and people, towards better employee experience,” Richard Lobo, Head of HR at Infosys.

An era of stress and pressure in the workplace:

With the growing globalization and work pressure, the work hours have increased and challenges have amplified leading to job cuts. The only solution to have a competitive gain will be to keep reviewing and reviving the fundamentals of HR.  The companies will need HR outsourcing companies in India for efficiency.

A trial in talent acquirement 

With automation, talent acquisition will take a new turn—people will need specialized skills to get employment.  Retaining the specialized talent will need specific HR skills and a continuous effort from the HR team. HR teams may have to depend on outside solutions to employ talent.

Staying Responsible

Organizations have evolved and require responsible employees who can be good at their roles and responsibilities, they should be more curious and inclined to learn, and they should be able to do multiple tasks together.  The HR team will need to keep renewing their skills and outsource HR solutions to employ and retain quality staff.

Digitalization will be indispensable 

With the advancement of technology, HR needs to analyze and understand the need for people in a more specialized way by using digital means.  The HR team needs to employ more tech-savvy techniques to provide HR solutions through the use of mobile technology and other modern communication techniques for performance management, constant feedback, smoother and automated HR systems and more.

Performance management 

Performance reviews will be required more and more for more productivity and so a continuous dialogue with HR and seeking HR solutions will be very significant.

Focus on electronic media 

With the advent of technology, companies will be more and more dependent on data analysis.  Not only training but also data analytics will facilitate HR to take redressal measures.

HR trend will see a boon in digitization, artificial intelligence, amplified reality and cybernetics at the workplace. Data analytics will help to create sharper insights and better-quality HR solutions.

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