Why Human Resources Is the Most Important Department in a Company

What is a company really? When you strip out the logos, machines, and immovable and movable properties what lies at the core of an organization are the people that constitute it. They are the guides, decision-makers, the creators of value. From the lowest workers to the highest executives and all those in between from the cogs of the wheel that is a company. The challenges, decisions, planning and execution vary in importance across this spectrum, but are nonetheless crucial parts that make the whole function; much like the tiny cells that constitute and create the largest mammals.  It is safe to say that a large portion a company’s long-term value and sustainability lies in its team and the top HR companies in Mumbai that work towards building the team, such as New Horizon.

Humans are the small and large cogs in the wheel that form the machine of the organization, but this analogy only goes thus far, because, unlike machines humans need to be managed and tended to very differently and uniquely. As much as some would love, no employee comes with a manual that describes the buttons that need to be pressed to increase productivity or a reset button to start when things are working as expected. Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between employee happiness and increased productivity, which is why the importance of the right HR teams is always stressed. Only the top HR companies in Mumbai can really do what it need to make the right hiring decisions.

No two people are alike, each has different motivations, aspirations, learning styles and goals. This means each employee needs to be managed in a unique way.  Since managing people has been studied effectively there is a large body of work that guides, effective ways of dealing with people and situations in a win-win manner. Nevertheless, the act of managing people is as much of an art as it is a science. This makes the top HR companies in Mumbai have a huge impact on the organizations that they work for.  

Great teams form the secret sauce to successful companies. Hiring the right mix of people with skills and great attitudes shapes the culture of any organization. Getting this perfect mix is crucial to successful companies. Top HR consulting firms in India like New Horizon help make great companies by making one great hire at a time!