How to Find a Good PMS Consultant

The economic crisis has caused companies to fight for every more day be effective and productive, in order to get a great advantage over its competitors. In order to be more productive and profitable, they must play all their cards and make the most of their technological resources and infrastructures. Here we explain the 6 keys to get it. Any prominent PMS service will work and suggest the following factors:

  • Improve the working environment.
  • Properly coordinate the internal work of the company. Every employee should be fully aware of their specific duties or tasks and the procedures to be followed.
  • Define and communicate clearly the objectives of the company and involve all workers.
  • Improve the image of the company at an external level,
  • Generate good reputation through excellent customer service.

Work by objectives: it is a good technique to motivate employees, as their achievement will make them feel satisfied. They must be provided viable, measurable and challenging objectives. The better our workers understand what is expected of them, the better they will perform their jobs. But you also need to know what to expect in return for the organization.

Training: The constant professional development of workers will make them feel motivated. Promoting training courses in the company, or outside it, is beneficial for both the employer and the employee who:

  • You will be proud of the achievements.
  • It will improve your self-esteem.
  • It will increase your level of job satisfaction.
  • You can even opt for a promotion.

Participation: Making the employee participate in decision- making will get the employee to endorse the final product.

Recognition: Among all the recommendations, the most important is to promote a good job performance,  is the  recognition of work  by the superior. Recognizing that you are doing a good job or show satisfaction for what you have achieved, the employee feels valued, helpful and sees their self-esteem strengthened.

Tips to make the right choice for PMS services:

  1. Invest on the Manager on training / coaching “strategic nature of the improvement of people’s performance and consistency between individual improvement and business results”;
  2. Build a system of performance management for large sections of the workforce linked to the professional and personal development (how to improve the contribution of people to business performance), using systems – computerized course – bottom-up evaluation and comparison / feedback with your boss and colleagues team / project;
  3. Connect to limited groups of the population Performance Management System to variable pay, giving macro business objectives, goals and objectives of the role of “improvement” in fact tied to learning individual;
  4. Define the role of objectives not purely quantitative, but also qualitative, taking into account the contributions that are asked to functions and roles (think of too many trivial objectives that are given to the management roles to be forced to enter numerical targets);
  5. Reward improvements and ambitious results ( “challenging, not ordinary”), not the normal result, which should already be awarded through the fixed remuneration;
  6. Institutionalize a system of individual feedback and maybe even “social”, with moments of real “celebration”, to stimulate all to the excellent performances.